We can provide any home textile product you need. The possibilities are endless when combining techniques, colors, fibers and constructions. Whether you are looking for a time-tested solidly manufactured towel or something new and different, we can meet any challenge. From inception to delivery, ADI is a one stop shop!

Bath Ensembles

Our products are fresh, innovative, and durable. Choose from 1000’s of designs in our libary or we can create something entirely new – solids, textures, stripes, jacquards. Fiber options include cotton, Modal, zero twist, hollow core, and many more. Add a performance feature such as quick dry, fade resistant, low lint, odor blockers or the latest innovative option. Choose colors from an unending supply of imagination. Finish with tailored packaging including hang tags, clams shells or ribbon tied inserts. 

Beach Towels

Our beach towels are bright, colorful, trendy and long lasting. Choose traditional solids and stripes or unique jacquards and prints. Once a strictly seasonable item, beach towels now sell year round. Beach towels come in a variety of sizes, shapes and options – oversized beach blankets, beach rounds and shapes, sand free towels, self packaged rolled mats, beach bags that unfold into a towel and more. Select from our warehouse stock or we can design and implement your individual program.

Embroideries & Print Towels

Embroidered and printed towels never go out of style. An afforadable fast and easy way to update any bath from the master to the kids or guest bath. We have a vast library of embroideries from light and delicate to loud and bold. Our prints are available in almost any theme, pattern or color imaginable. Looking for something unique, we can do that too! We offer traditional machine embroidered towels and fiber reactive prints, heat transfer borders as well as new digital printed towels.

Sport Towels

Self promote your fitness club or gym with our sport towels. Solid or textured towels with your gym name and logo either printed or embroidered are a must for all of your members. Unique size and constructions designed specifically for use in the gym. Smaller size and lighter weight to easily go from the tread mill to the weight room or from the pool to the shower! Fast and efficient way to make money while advertising your brand!!

PDQ Displays

With shelf space limited and end caps at an all time premium, PDQs are an easy and smart way to offer, display and promote a program all at once. We can help you design a shelf stacking display unit, a floor ready stand alone display box or a palletized corrugated dump bin. We can provide simple solid color units or more complex full graphic displays. We work with each individual customer to come up with a satisfactory solution.